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Welcome to Lucky Turtle

Premium Wholesale Cannabis Products in Colorado

Lucky Turtle is a manufacturer of high-quality cannabis-infused products in Colorado. We combine our hard-earned experience and passion for knowledge, to drive our commitment to create the best cannabis products.

High THC Vapes

Pure, high-quality marijuana vape cartirdges, cut only with terpenes. Co2 extracted and formulated for the best cannabis vape experience

High CBD Vapes

Our high ratio THC:CBD Cannabis Oils are painstakingly crafted to contain the perfect complimentary amount of both Cannabidiol and THC

Cannabis Tinctures

Our water soluable marijuana tinctures are delicious without any added sugars. Good as a topping or mixer in your favorite food and drinks.

Cannabis Butter & Edibles

Our silky smooth Cannabis Butters & Edibles come in a variety of mediums. From wholesome cocount oil to indulgent hazelnut and chocolate spread. With our discrete and convenient single serve packages, these products make for a great experience wherever your travels take you!

Say Nope To Remediated Dope

Like you, we want high-end cannabis for a great price. We produce exciting wholesale cannabis products that taste amazing without busting your wallet

We have over 30 years of leading-edge biotechnology GMP experience and tirelessly use our background in biochemical science, product development, and high-tech engineering that meets a passion for sharing the recreational and therapeutic qualities of cannabis.

The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment has said Lucky Turtle has Colorado’s best procedures in the industry! With our dialed-in methods, we are committed to staying on top f the latest research and continually perfecting our extraction process to give unadulterated terpenes and cannabinoids.

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