Discovering CBD: A Mother’s Story

Taylor’s non-stop giggles and hearty laugh are contagious. With her wise bright eyes and big smile, it’s hard to imagine her being anything but happy.

Taylor, who is sixteen, has a genetic neuro-developmental disorder known as FOXG1 Syndrome. Less than 400 people in the world have it. It is characterized by seizures, the inability to walk or talk, and difficulty controlling body movements. 

She started having seizures right before she turned one and was put on medications that “kind of made her a vegetable,” according to her mother, Julie. As she grew older, Taylor didn’t have any seizures for a couple years and was able to be taken off medications entirely.

When she started having seizures again at thirteen, Julie had to put her back on medication. She and her husband hadn’t found the right balance of what worked and figured they’d try something different. They weaned her off one of her seizure medications and started Lucky Turtle’s Restore 60:1 CBD tincture four months ago. 

“We saw improvement in 2-3 weeks at a low dose,” says Julie. Taylor used to be only able to swipe at things due to her cortical visual impairment and fine motor challenges. “She was very uncontrolled and spastic. That’s totally gone away. This has made her very much more purposeful. It’s slowed her movements. She can pick something up, hold it, switch hands, put it in her mouth, focus on what’s happening. It’s been a huge, huge improvement for her.”

Taylor loves school and being around people, but had trouble sleeping. She would wake up 20-30 times during the night, which left her irritable during the day. “She’s doing so much better waking up, and in a much better mood. It just makes her happy, which in turn makes everyone’s life a little easier to not have a crying or fussy kid.”

For a while, Julie was hesitant to use a cannabis product. “You think, you can’t travel with it, doctors don’t like it, a lot of doctors don’t know the side effects, they don’t know how it will impact…” 

Then she thought back to when Taylor’s medication made her unable to function. “If something can help, wouldn’t you rather go the natural route than all the medications? Medications have horrible side effects. She couldn’t do anything. You don’t want to see that happen. You’d rather have them be able to do things, be able to enjoy life.”

In fact, due to how Restore metabolizes with her seizure medication, Taylor is able to take a lower dosage of that medicine that costs $2300 a month. 

“There’s no harm in trying something. There’s not the risk that people think there would be. You don’t see side effects from it. We love it,” says Julie.

“Everything is worth trying. There’s nothing wrong with trying.”


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this content is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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