How do I refill my ProPack syringe?


Please follow these instructions for refilling the Cringe type (yellow and black) oil dispensing syringe.

  1. Remove cartridge mouthpiece by rotating counter-clockwise.
  2. Remove child-resistant syringe cap by pushing down and rotating counter-clockwise. The syringe tip is in the center.
  3. Remove tip plug. Remove adjacent needle.
  4. Attach lock needle by placing over tip and turning clockwise.
  5. Hold cartridge in one hand and syringe in the other.
  6. Place your thumb on bottom of syringe bottle to contact syringe plunger.
  7. Place needle in the cartridge.
  8. Slowly push plunger to expel oil. Do not fill past 0.5ml line or oil will spill out when mouthpiece is reattached.
    Note: Once plunger is pushed it cannot be retracted.
  9. When complete, replace cartridge mouthpiece by inserting into base; push down and rotate clockwise until secure.
  10. Remove syringe needle by twisting counter-clockwise.
  11. Replace needle into storage hole, replace center tip, and screw on childproof cap.
  12. Enjoy your cartridge!
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