How Can CBD Help Me?

Cannabidiol  (CBD)  is  an incredible compound that was  discovered  in the 1940s with further functional understanding in the 1990s upon the  discovery  of the  endocannabinoid  system.  As a non-psychotropic cannabinoid of cannabis, CBD doesn’t affect the  CB1  receptors  that result in intoxicating  effects and give us that “high” feeling.  It  binds  with  CB2  receptors  mainly  found in our peripheral organs and immune system.

In a clinical  human  study  conducted  by the World Health Organization  (WHO),  CBD was  found  to  have  no  significant potential for  addiction  or abuse with  no  adverse health effects [WHO study].  It is increasingly considered as a  safe,  natural  alternative to over-the-counter and prescription medications without the  risk  of  dependency.  All the groundbreaking research is exciting!  However, the cannabis sciences  need  further study to  fully  understand  its  benefits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this content is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The most common reported uses for CBD are:

- Reducing  inflammation
- Pain relief
- Regulating  the immune system
- Alleviating stress in the limbic system  (Related  to emotional experiences of  anxiety,  depression, panic, fear, and mood disorders)
- Improving sleep
- Increasing healing speed
- Antioxidant support
- Neuroprotection  (Prevents  damage to the nervous system and brain;  promotes neuron  growth)

Users  also report  efficacy  in  helping  with  arthritis, chronic pain, PTSD,  getting off  severe opioid addictions,  weight loss, and increasing recovery time and  athletic  performance.  There is  now  a  high  focus of  research  and scientific evidential support for  easing  epileptic seizures.

CBD can  help  you feel relaxed and calm,  yet mentally  alert.  It takes the edge off a  stressful  day and from a  place  of  wellbeing  and balance, can  help  you  make better  decisions for an  overall  better  quality of  life.  The  best  way to  learn  the  benefits  is  to  experience  them for yourself!

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