In the Lab:
Jess Goes From Anxious to Eager

As the fulfillment manager, Jess is the go-to person in the lab for anything you need to know. She does accounts receivable, inventory control, product handling, customer service, compliance help, delivery coordination, you name it! She works with the production team, the packaging team, our sales reps, and is a staple in the Lucky Turtle Tribe.

Last year, when she was hired on, she gained a ton of knowledge when she was taught everything about the products. What intrigued her the most was the High CBD Restore Tincture. After a couple of discussions, the team said we’d support her journey of detoxing off her anti-anxiety medication that she had been prescribed for the last ten years.

“The first month was absolute hell,” recalls Jess, “I was vomiting every other hour. The dizziness, the dry mouth, everything about the detox was horrible.” But she kept trucking right along, taking three doses every day morning, noon, and night. 

After about two to three weeks, the brain zaps started dying down. “My head wasn’t super clogged and cloudy anymore.” It took nearly six months for Jess to feel detoxed from her medication. “The only downfall was learning to deal with daily stress and anxiety without taking a pill to drown it out. Restore was at my side every step of the way.”

Then, Jess was ready to take the next step in her health journey: losing weight. She had major anxiety with the thought of even stepping foot in a gym! “The first day I went to the gym, I went into the bathroom stall and just sat there looking down at my feet, contemplating leaving. I had brought Restore for after the gym and decided to take some then for my anxiety. I sat for a couple more minutes and got up enough courage to go work out.” 

Six months later, Jess is officially 43 pounds lighter. “I eat healthy, I work out, and I feel amazing. I truly owe it all to Restore. If I didn’t have this anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety help, I don’t know if I would have made it far in my journey.”

Her friends and the team notice a difference too. Before, Jess was likely lethargic and more irritable than normal. Now, she’s active, determined, and overall, content. 

“Thank you to my team for making such an amazing product. I can say this has truly saved me.”


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this content is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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