Disposable Vapes

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2019 Connoisseur Cup Winner!  Best Disposable Vape

300 or 500mg disposable vape cut only with terpenes.  Smooth full hit, great taste, and no leaks! And recent winner, best disposable vape category.



Our Great Oil in a Disposable that Won’t Leak!
Offered in 300mg or 500mg options.  CO2 oil cut only with our house-made TrueTerps Cannabis Terpene blend.

We searched high and low for the most reliable, best tasting disposable available.  It took about 8 months before we finally found the right vendor to meet Luck Turtle’s quality standards and we couldn’t be more pleased.

We extract cannabis terpenes ourselves from every strain we process.  Because we extract them under cool temperatures within the first 30 minutes of extraction, these highly volatile compounds remain in their most unadulterated state.  They aren’t clear and aren’t supposed to be clear, and they smell and taste AMAZING.  TrueTerps matches the original terpenes to the original plant, maintaining the integrity of the plant.

Our process includes a triple winterization to remove the bad tasting plant waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll leaving behind only those compounds you want to inhale.

Compare us to distillate
Our oils are different.  We had a distillation unit and got rid of it.  The limited THC high just wasn’t what we wanted for Lucky Tutle which is honest, pure, cannabis oil as close to the original plant as possible, the way it was intended.  There are hundreds of cannabinoids and other plant compounds we as a population simply don’t understand.  What we do understand is these compounds, namely cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinols, work synergistically together to give you the best possible medical benefit and full-body high lost in distillates.  We are trying to break the marketing falsehood…clearer is not better.

2 reviews for Disposable Vapes

  1. StonerJoe

    Saw this as the cup winner so had to try it. Didn’t disappoint. Ridiculously good. Carry it around like a passifier ????

  2. robert

    durban posion x flo! all day, every day! pens hold charge till end. durable. great deal for the price! as far as disposable pens go.. this is a winner @ 500mg. tasty too! great work turtles! love from boulder, co.

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