Lake Breeze Distillate

Most people would consider these terpenes to provide a sativa-like high. Our carefully selected strain-specific cannabis terps impart an energetic and focused high perfect for that next trip into the woods. So take a draw of our golden sunshine distillate and take the highway. Get after it!

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Clean distillate crafted with strain-specific cannabis terps for an alpine high like a lake breeze. Most people would consider these terpenes to provide a hybrid-like high. Not too chill and not too heavy on the go, we think you’ll find this right on target. Let the blissfulness begin.


The Highway Distillate – a unique premium distillate in a crowded market. We take the highway less traveled. Distillation is great for increasing THC potency and changing oil to a golden sunshine color. But when done with low-quality cannabis grown with pesticides it increases the chances of concentrating toxins and pesticides. What makes The Highway Distillate different?

No remediated product is used in manufacturing, nor allowed to enter the Lucky Turtle manufacturing Never have, never will!

Backcountry Go | Lake Breeze | City Chill


Wonder why certain distillates are so cheap?

Here’s your answer.

  • We painstakingly source only the highest quality cannabis for extraction grown without the use ofsynthetic chemical pesticides such as AzaMax, Piperonyl Butoxide, or Evergreen EC-60. This is tough to do!
  • We distill specially selected batches of our clean, high-quality CO2 oil extracted in-house. Our distillation fractionation specifications are developed for super clean taste and potency, at the expense of
  • We reintroduce cannabis strain-specific TrueTerps™ only, using proprietary CO2 extraction equipment and methods. We carefully selected Colorado’s favorite strains, delivering synergistic terpenes providing three categories of effects in Backcountry Go (Sativa), Lake Breeze (Hybrid), and City Chill (Indica) terpene profiles.
  • Lucky Turtle is focused on delivering science-driven, sustainable methods into the cannabis market. Weselected a novel adjustable bottom airflow and heavy metal certified free cartridge for the best, customizable vape experience. #trusttheturtle



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