Restore Tincture

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60:1 High CBD Tincture

Offered in Green Tea, Lemon Drop, Watermelon, and Mango.

Keep a lookout for our limited release seasonal flavors.

Now 20% more CBD than our old formulation!

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Think of Restore as a supercharged, all-natural ibuprofen. Perfect for post-workout recovery

NOTE: This product will not make you high (unless you drink an entire bottle). It’s a CBD powerhouse and you won’t find a more complete medicine on the market. Restore is a FULL SPECTRUM product combining the whole range of cannabinoids contributing to the entourage effect. Studies have shown CBD is more effective when combined with other cannabinoids and our customer testimonials are a testament to that data.

  • 1 oz bottle with graduated dropper
  • 10mg THC and 600mg CBD per bottle
  • 60 servings per bottle

We’ve had customers claiming many benefits including effective treatment for seizures, headaches, eczema, anxiety, joint pain, multiple sclerosis and lupus symptoms, ADHD, anxiety-induced insomnia, and post-workout muscle soreness.  We’ve been told “there’s magic in that bottle!”

Try it for yourself and see how it can help.  We stand by this product and have a goal to make it a mainstream treatment for many ailments.  We would also love to hear your feedback.  If you have a positive story on how Restore has helped you, please write a review below!

Ingredients: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (Palm-derived), Ethanol, Cannabis Oil (CO2 Solvent, waxes removed with ethanol), organic sunflower lecithin, CBD isolate, natural flavor.

Dosing: Each 1/2 dropper contains 10mg CBD and 0.2mg THC.  Each bottle contains 30 full droppers of tincture.  Place a dropper-full under your tongue and hold for at least 60 seconds to maximize and quicken absorption.  Sunflower lecithin increases absorption rate making this one of the most fact-acting tinctures on the market!  See photos for more detailed dosing information.

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21 reviews for Restore Tincture

  1. John Maez

    Hi I am a Colorado Native, and I have Epilepsy and My seizure Rate has dropped Dramatically sine i started using this product, the Mango one , i Am still on my first bottle but i have been able to finally manage my seizures after some horrendous episodes i have had with former medications, I am still on my regular seizure medication, however i have noticed a huge difference now that I’m using this stuff, thanks for making it.

  2. Yullem

    The metal nails were too big for the size of the coil that heats up and was constantly having the scrap the edges of the metal nail to have my dab close enough to the coil. For the price you won’t find a better pen. I’ve ordered a couple of these so far over the last couple years and I prefer the pen over my $300 3 chamber glass oil rig. Plus this company is reliable. They email you
    [url=]Soft flaky nails[/url]

  3. Gianna Guadagno

    Nice work as per usual.

  4. jordan

    absolutely love this stuff. I take a full dropper at the end of the day, and feel completely stress free and mellowed out. I used it a few times after a long day snowboarding and it helped relieved muscle soreness. This is a MUST try.

  5. Ann Stevenson

    After a fall which resulted in T 7 & 10 fractures as well a balance issues/lack of brain clarity, I was given Lucky Turtle Restore. The issues listed resultant to chemotherapy for liver cancer secondary to colon cancer . Between the Restore, acupuncture & tons of prayer, I am in remission & able to walk a mile non-stop. Still some back issues but much less in frequency & intensity. Thank you seems hardly adequate /it comes from my heart.

    • admin

      Ugh, sounds rough. Thanks for the kind words about the products. Glad they’re helping!

  6. Kathy Blundell

    After experiencing with different types of medical marijuana I got lucky and tried the Lucky Turtle RESTORE. I was pain free from my arthritis and my blood pressure was behaving. I tried a different brand when I ran out and much to my surprise I was back in pain. Not only that but the taste was unpleasant. Before this I wondered how I could tell if my Lucky Turtle RESTORE was the best for me. Now I know with a resounding YES. If you find a good thing, stay with it and that’s just what I plan to do. The experimenting is done. You win and so do I.

  7. J Veens

    I was having terrible foot pain, chronic aching off and on for weeks in both feet. I just put the oil on the sole of my left foot. The pain was gone in 5 minutes. So I put it on the bottom of my right foot too. I was pain free that night. I also took a very small amount sublingually. The pain in my feet came back one more time. I used the oil again topically. The pain went away and has not been back since and it’s been over 1 month. One month later, I needed to use a dropper when having pain in my muscles from overuse. The pain was so bad I felt like I was 90 years old (I’m only 60). I couldn’t sleep. I took a dropper under my tongue. The pain subsided and I was able to sleep. This helped keep me pain free and allowed me to rest until my massage appointment. This tincture is really effective!

  8. Shannon OLSON

    Works.. That’s all I can say.. I have psoriatic arthritis and it helps with my all over body pain and fibro.. I wish there wasn’t so much sugar in it tho.. and I wished they would make it stronger so I could take a drop instead of a whole dropper.. I need 30mg at least 2x a day or sometimes more.. But for now this will due..

    • Craig Mays

      Hi Shannon, thanks for the feedback. There is no sugar in our tinctures. The base is vegetable glycerin which is a natural sweetener and while it is a carbohydrate, it has zero sugars. It is considered a low glycemic sweetener.

      We are also working on new formulations with more potent CBD, as well. The problem is the CBD precipitates out of solution in higher concentrations so it’s not as simple as standard dilution in the new formulations. Thanks!

  9. tiffany howl

    I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I have been dosing with Restore and have not had to take Percocet! When my hands get shaky from the chemo I take a dropperful and the shaking subsides! I’m a believer!!

  10. Phoenixrising

    I have a condition known as Meniere’s which causes vertigo episodes. After being in a flare up and having vertigo almost daily, I started taking Restore. 2 droppers for 4 days and then 1 dropper a day hereafter. I had one more mild episode a day after starting and then…nothing. Stopped the episodes in their tracks and… during a flare up! This is considering that little other on this earth stops these episodes except systematic long term removal of dietary and other triggers. I am thrilled and will tell others of this product. Thank you for making this amazing product!

  11. Darlene

    Love the Restore! I have rheumatoid arthritis and am on conventional medicines. I occasionally have flare ups that cause pain in all of my joints. Restore is a lifesaver during those times, until my RA is under control again. It takes away the pain and I am able to get on with all my normal daily activities.

  12. Deb Morrow

    It has made a huge difference for me. My doctors had me move to Colorado for just this reason. I can’t wait for my medicinal card.

  13. Chris

    It’s too early to tell but just got back from Denver with some Restore.
    I am only trying a partial dose at first and will increase to the full dose IF needed.
    Frankly, I think it will be a welcome addition to the pain meds i already take. Hopefully, it will lessen the amounts of opiods needed.
    I have the citrus flavor, which is nice.

  14. Ally

    I have two family members that use this on completely different ends of the spectrum and both love it!

    My husband – a life long, heavy user – has also suffered from insomnia and nerve pain for most of his life. He takes one dropper and is able to sleep through the night, comfortably. This is the only thing he has found that works consistently without any drowsy feelings or other terrible side effects.

    My father – a leery skeptic and now pain free convert started using this tincture to relieve gout and sever knee and back pain. He is shocked at the relief.

    It also tastes great!

  15. Alicia

    I recently got a new job and I’ve been having major anxiety and uncontrollable shaking and so I remember taking CBD oil in the past and it helped me with this problem. I was running around town everywhere for CBD oil and came across this one. It really helps elevate your mood and it helped with my anxiety, stress and shaking. I wish they had a huge bottle 🙂 but definitely will purchase again!!! My new fav

  16. Chenoa Vanbeber

    I’m a VA nurse and always on the go. About two or three months ago, a Veteran who was Navy and served in war time. He was 93. He was riddled with pancreatic and lung cancer. He was on Hospice and switched back to VA care at the Leavenworth VA in Kansas. He was burning through liquid morphine and liquid Ativan with little relief. His wife stated he was begging her to just shoot him and end the pain. Said wife is younger than Veteran and has a Son in Law in Colorado that told her of your product. She was desperate to help him through the pain she tried your product. She called me after and told me the turn around and relief he was experiencing. Two days later she showed up at our out patient clinic with the Restore bottle and what she had been giving him and how. She said “come outside and see him”. I was shocked I said , “he is in car?” She replied with a huge smile, “no he is sitting in his wheelchair in the courtyard enjoying the sun.” I walked out the clinic there he was smiling with his sailor cap on in the wheelchair. “Hey its my favorite nurse.” I was touched and happy. I showed the doctor the bottle with the turtle tincture emblem. She too so impressed she wrote it down and had me look it up. Thank you for what you did for my Veteran. God bless you. That is why I told my cousin and aunt about your company. She is dying and they do not see treatment that can help. She has not given up but does not want heroic measures. So if she get to where the pain is too much she knows about you. God bless you and your company.

  17. Sarah Bowman

    This has been a life changer for me. My back problems have completely gone away. I can work out again and don’t have to worry about waking up in pain. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  18. William

    Great product, great price, you can’t go wrong. Thank you!

  19. quinleeng

    I’ve tried 4-5 items from Lucky Turtle and loved them all, particularly the High CBD Restore Tincture. It was a god send after my knee surgery and worked very well to control my pain. Be sure to give them a try, this company is legit.

  20. I heart Yoga pants

    Consistency, consistency, consistency! I think I’ve tried everything available by Lucky Turtle. Every time, I know precisely what to expect and never let down. I like to get CBD in my system whenever I smoke/vape/etc. and Restore has opened new doors for me. I can try all sorts of strains and not worry about where I will get my CBD from because I’ve got some 50:1 in my other pocket.

  21. Fox85

    I’m a newbie to anything THC related but a good friend of mine recommended and let me sample the Restore Tincture to recover and sleep after long endurance sports workouts. I haven’t slept this good in literally 10 years and have noticed a difference in the energy in my workouts. Not sure if this would be considered a PED but I’m down with the CBD.

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