Starter Pack

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Battery & Cartridge

Offered in various Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains.

Always strain specific and never cut with anything but terpenes.



Our popular 500mg cartridge paired with our variable voltage stick battery.  Flawless operation when using both.

See our variable voltage battery page for usage instructions and FAQs.

1 review for Starter Pack

  1. Katie

    I got this battery/charger combo at a dispensary last year. It was a solid little guy that never let me down, until it did. Last week the charger somehow removed the connection plate/center pin when I was disconnecting the battery after charging. I just had gotten a new cart too! What a bummer.
    Other than that though, we had a good year.

    *Oh, I also never really noticed a difference between switching from a lower to higher setting, or vice versa.

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